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Abruzzo Reality was founded in 2005 and operates as part of Italiancase estate agency, one of Italy’s leading national estate agencies, with the aim of providing the additional services required by the foreign market.  Our office is situated close to the characteristic, medieval town of Elice, in the province of Pescara.  We also collaborate with all the Italiancase offices, as well as other selected agencies, so can help you to view and purchase property anywhere in the region of Abruzzo.   
We believe that there are many benefits in buying your property through an Italian estate agent – realistic house prices, deeper knowledge of the local area, local culture and the house buying process, to name a few.  However, their understanding of the requirements of ‘non-Italians’ can be somewhat lacking.  So, Abruzzo Reality aims to give you the best of both worlds. 
Abruzzo Reality has a fully registered and licensed Italian estate agent, who has many years of experience in this field.  He has lived in our local area all his life and so knows the market thoroughly.  He is well-known, well-respected and very well-trusted by the local people and local businesses.
In addition to our estate agent, we are a multinational team. So, not only will you meet somebody who speaks your language, they will most likely speak your language as a mother tongue.   This can also be important, to bridge the gap of cultural differences, and to help you understand the buying process in Italy. 
We offer a complete house-buying service to our overseas clients (and ‘foreigners’ already living here in Italy).  To enable us to do this, we work with a local English speaking mortgage advisor, a foreign currency dealer, English speaking notaries, surveyors and architects.  If your new property needs renovation work, we can arrange and oversee all works with our Geometra, plus our recommended builders, electricians, plumbers etc.  In short, we can help you with all aspects of buying and maintaining a house abroad.  
The non-Italian members of Abruzzo Reality have bought houses here in Abruzzo, as foreigners.  So, we understand from first-hand experience, the processes, the worries and the requirements when buying a house here.  Having been the ‘buyer’, we know what it is like to nervously await news from the agent on our offer, to walk into a notary’s office full of babbling Italians, not understanding what is going on, and to be living in another country whilst trying to deal with everything that needs to be done to buy a house.  It is with this knowledge that we believe we can give you a more personal and friendly service.  We will be beside you every step of the way and we will keep you regularly updated on all progress. 
Here in Abruzzo, you will be greeted by Tracey, who has been living and working here since 2004.  She is British and also speaks Italian.  She will accompany you on viewings, help you with your Property Search and all the stages of the Purchase, including translation and administration.  She will be the intermediary between you and our estate agent.  She can also act as your Power of Attorney (“Procura”) if you are unable to attend for the signing of your house.  In addition, she carries out and organises after sales care and Property Management Services

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