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The Adriatic coast of Abruzzo is famous within Italy as a popular holiday destination, with mile after mile of safe, golden sandy beaches. It is a unique and enviable coast. The beaches are clean, well-looked after, with many bars and restaurants. Windsurfing, fishing, diving and sailing are easily available.

Abruzzo offers the only stretch of European coastline with 7 seaside resorts in the same province – Teramo. To the north, bordering with Le Marche, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Martinsicuro.

Heading south, past popular and well-loved resorts such as Tortoreto and Roseto, you will reach Pineto, the most southerly resort in Teramo. Pineto is known for the beautiful shady pinewoods, which separate the beach from the town. It is an ideal family spot, as it is a quiet area, has a clear sea with a low tide and there are many play areas under the pines. It is a modern and fascinating beach area, ideal for those who love the calm of another era.

In contrast to the tranquility of Pineto, Pescara is a vibrant and modern city, with the largest tourist harbour on the Adriatic. Daily boat trips depart from here. In July and August, the beaches may be full of holidaying Italian families, but out-of-season in May, June and September, even the busiest spots are often surprisingly peaceful, and plenty hot enough!

In the evening, you can join in with the famous Italian past-time of ‘promenading’ along the palm-lined beach road, dine in one of the many good restaurants, looking over the blue glittering Adriatic, or simply choose from the fantastic selection of Italian ice-cream. As well as high fashion shopping, Pescara provides good nightlife, including many music festivals. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes it appealing to people of all ages.

South of Pescara, the coastline begins to change from wide, sandy beaches, to dramatic cliff and secluded bays. A great area for scuba-diving, you can admire the animated depths of the crystalline sea. You can even catch your own lunch and enjoy a barbeque on the beach. This area is known as the ‘Trabocchi’ coastline, named after the pictureresque wooden fishing platforms, dotted along the shallows.

The Vasto coastline is the most diverse of the region, where you will find sand dunes and some of the best-preserved environments on the whole coast. The area is full of marinas where, at night, the little fishing boats sell their catch of the day to people and restaurants. The most southerly tip of the Abruzzo coast is at San Salvo Marina, close to the border of Molise. This small, yet charming town has magnificent beaches and is well-equipped to deal with the busy summer season.

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