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One of the important aspects of buying a property abroad, is being able to obtain a favourable exchange rate. Abruzzo Reality has built up a trusting relationship with OFX, who can give you a personal and reliable service, to help you obtain the best exchange rate. OFX are a global company, with offices in the UK, EU, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Why Abruzzo Reality recommend OFX:

  • They offer international transfers on over 50 currencies, including euros, dollars and sterling.
  • They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to make a transfer outside of standard office houses, they will put you in touch with someone from one of their global offices, who can help you.
  • You can choose between Spot Contracts, which are immediate, same-day transfers, or Forward Contracts, where you can book currency at today’s rates, for future transfers.
  • You can choose between making transactions over the phone, or on their award-winning online platform.  The platform can be accessed from multiple devices, wherever you are, and it offers a complete overview of your transaction at every stage of the process.

You can register with OFX by clicking here:  It is free and holds no obligation to use their services.



If you require to take out a mortgage when purchasing your property, we can put you in touch with an English speaking mortage advisor.

She will help you through every stage of the mortgage process, from initial advice, all the way through to the signing at the notary office. 

For more information about taking out a mortgage, or if you wish to be put in touch with our advisor, please contact us: Alternatively you can contact our advisor, Maria Tomassetti, directly:

The website is:

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