VILLA PICCIONAIA  € 495 000  AR080 Ripattoni  Featured

This historical property has been lovingly restored by its current owners, one of whom is an architect. They are in the final stages of renovation, but the majority of the work has been completed and the property is now habitable.

The main house consists of a 3 storey pigeonry tower, dating from c.1750, with 2 two storey side wings. The side wings have been demolished and completely reconstructed. There was also an annex, built in 1898, which has a project to be converted into a separate apartment. It has been recently completely demolished and rebuilt.

Ground floor

-Large living area (32 m2) in the centre of the building.

-Side wing east ground floor: apartment with living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom,
-Side wing west: apartment with kitchenette and bathroom,

First floor

-Vaulted-living area in first floor with open room surrounding balcony in mezzanine floor with its 100 pigeon niches and skylight glass.
-Side wing first floor east: kitchen and living room.
-Side wing first floor west: bedroom with large bathroom.

The project for the Annex is: Apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 living/bedroom, 1 dining room/kitchen, bathroom. The interior work is still to be carried out, but can be finished according to the requirements of the buyer. 

There is a boiler room, with solar heating system, including a 1.050 l boiler. Plus there is a pizza oven with storage room above. There is also a 'Fountain' house with 27 m deep well.

Grounds and gardens

- 2,720sqm of land,
- Drive way and court yard with car parking covered with gravel,
- 5 parking spaces, shaded by grapevines,
- Baroque garden walk ways in coloured concrete,
- 750 Buxus plants border plantation and Plombago climbing plants on rose arches,
- Kitchen garden created,
- Matured trees: 3 mulberry trees ca. 200 years old, 1 olive tree 200 years old,
- Newly planted trees: 1 date palm tree, 4 cypress,
In addition, many bushes and fruit trees have been newly planted.

цена € 495 000 
Город/Населенный пунктRipattoni
Название провинцииTeramo
Тип недвижимостивилла
Количество этажей3
Количество спален4
Количество ванных комнат3
Размер земли3000
Состояниеочень хорошем состоянии / недавно восстановлен
КоммуникацииWater, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Broadband
Другие услугиSolar heating system
Энергетическая классификацияE
Расстояние: (km)
Расстояние до пляжа Расстояние до гор Расстояние до аэропорта Расстояние до автрострады Расстояние до ближайшего города деревни инфраструктуры
12 35 45 2 1

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