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Whatever the season or weather, there is always something to do and see in this area, making it an ALL YEAR ROUND destination. Every season brings a captivating combination of adventure and culture. Within a small area, you will find rugged and majestic mountains, stunning golden beaches, both ancient and modern cities, and a calendar full of traditional festivals. Abruzzo is a land that fascinates and conquers, where the mountains coexist with the sea. Italians know Abruzzo as the region where you can visit the mountains in the morning and relax at the beach that same afternoon.

Abruzzo was voted number 5 in ‘The World’s Best Places to Live or Retire in 2016’.

House prices 

In Abruzzo, house prices are considerably lower than other parts of Italy, such as Tuscany and Umbria. This means that you will get a lot more for your money, enabling you to afford that extra piece of luxury and turning your dreams into reality.

Choice of Properties

Being a very diverse region also means that the type of properties available are diverse – from mountain chalets, to beach side apartments, many types of country and farm houses, villas, castles, agriturismos and hotels, townhouses and historical palazzi – the choice is yours…. 


Abruzzo is ideally situated in Central Italy, only 2 hours from Rome. Abruzzo bridges the north and south of Italy, and the Balkans with Rome. With 1 motorway running down the Adriatic coast and 2 others running west-east across the middle of the region, Abruzzo offers easy access to the whole of Italy.


There are 133km of golden beaches along the Adriatic coast, starting in the north with wide sandy beaches, lined with pinewoods, and shallow water. Further south, the coastline changes dramatically, to reveal pebble beaches, beautiful reefs, wild cliffs and secluded coves. The water is crystal-clear, making it an ideal place for scuba diving. The famous fishermen’s ‘trabocchi’, are dotted along the coast.


Abruzzo contains the highest peaks of the Apennine mountains, with the ‘Corno Grande’ standing at 2912m. Abruzzo has been declared the ‘green region of Europe’, with 3 national parks and a regional park, covering a third of its entire area. The uncontaminated landscape is wild and, no matter what the season, never fails to awe and inspire. You will find clear water lakes, wild ravines, charming waterfalls, and breathtaking caves. Striking medieval towns can be seen, clinging to the edges of the mountains.


The region contains an amazing variety of wildlife, ranging from wolves, bears, otter, wild boar, chamois and golden eagles.

Sport and Leisure

For sports lovers, the choice is great. In the summer, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, diving and sailing are easily available along the coast. In the mountains and hills, trekking, cycling, horse-riding, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, hang-gliding and mountaineering can all be enjoyed. In the winter, skiing, snowboarding winter mountaineering and cross-country skiing are very popular. There are 17 ski resorts in Abruzzo, offering a variety of pistes, ideal for experienced as well as novice skiers.

Architecture and Art

Abruzzo has a large array of art and architecture to delight visitors. Those who prefer culture and history will enjoy medieval churches, hidden hermitages and impressive castles. Abruzzo is full of age-old culture and an abundance of art is found across the region.

Traditional arts and crafts have survived and are still practiced in Abruzzo. Unique products from ceramists, goldsmiths, engravers and weavers can be purchased across the region.


Abruzzo’s rich history of Pagan and Christian faith, has resulted in a year round calendar of festivals and feasts. At the festivals, you can taste local food specialities, whilst watching fire-eaters, stilt walkers, re-enactments, jousting and fabulous processions, as well as magnificent firework displays.

Food and Drink

The cuisine of Abruzzo is simple and tasty, and food connoisseurs will relish the unique flavours of the local cuisines and wines. The people are very proud of their produce and when you eat in a restaurant you will know that the majority of the food and wine, if not all, will have come from within a few miles. In most ‘trattorie’ the food is homecooked, just like ‘nonna’ (grandmother) used to make. In fact, in many places, it will be nonna who still makes it. Each town will have a speciality, that is slightly different to other parts of the region. So, everywhere you go, you can taste something unique to that particular town.

Great Value for Money

Abruzzo is the place where you can enjoy the taste of real Italy, at a fantastic price. It is easy to buy a good bottle of wine for around 1 euro and you can enjoy a 3 course meal for as little as 10 euros a head.

Abruzzese People

For many centuries, authors have described Abruzzo and it’s people as ‘forte e gentile’, (strong and kind). You will be hard-pushed to find a better neighbour in any other area. Their hospitality is endless and they will go out of their way to help anyone in need.

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